Programming Schedule



  1:00 AM      Hold the Funk 
      Featuring funky, far out tunes from the Golden Age of funk music. Lots of drums and fuzz. No disco or mercy.
  3:00 AM      Law and Disorder 
      Law and Disorder is a weekly, independent radio program airing on several stations across the United States and podcasting on the web.
  4:00 AM      Alternative Radio 
      Alternative Radio provides information, analyses, and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media.
  5:00 AM      RFN Early Brew 
      Want to get your day started right? Listen to RFN Early Brew, with a recap of global issues from United Nations Radio, commentaries from Jim Hightower, the ACLU Civil Liberties Minute, 60 Second Civics and more!
  6:00 AM      Cosmosis 
      Cosmosis is an all-genre music show where anything goes— Abba to Zappa and everything in between.
  7:00 AM      Just For Now 
      Focuses on a particular year's music. 1964, for example, features some Brit Invasion, Coltrane, Cash, Bernstein and more. Tune in and go back in time!
  8:00 AM      Cat Beast Party 
      Cat Beast Party - Making the music go bang
  10:00 AM      Words on Film 
  11:00 AM      NASCAR This Week 
      NASCAR This Week offers a rare, opinionated view point of the nation's second most popular sport, tackling all of the sport's most contentious issues, as well as bringing unique and proven Fantasy NASCAR statistics and player advice.
  12:00 PM      RFN Weekend 
      A mix of classics, EZ favorites and that 'hot, stereo rock' that you know you love (but don't want to admit it, at least straight off, right?). Presented by Matt The PM, 'RFN Weekend' works to bring those pop tunes of your youth, the occasional oddity and heightened reality vignettes all together in a package that is comfortable and easy to enjoy.
      Matt the PM's Bio
  1:00 PM      The Scenario 
      A multi-media presentation created to provide a forum for the original Hip-Hop generation: music, interviews, and discussion on a wide range of topics, including politics, entertainment, religion, and the social issues that captivate our attention, d
  3:00 PM      NOIZE In Da City 
      The NOIZE Crew (JSingle, KC, and GreggiePhat) brings you an indie state of mind through the radio waves. We play music and interview artists that you will not hear anywhere else on the radio. We talk, we laugh, and we play good music. We are here to
  5:00 PM      The Lit Life 
  7:00 PM      Cosmosis 
      Cosmosis is an all-genre music show where anything goes— Abba to Zappa and everything in between.
  9:00 PM      Live Wire 
      It's always better live!
  10:00 PM      Dark Star Rising 
      Music of mystery and imagination from the forbidden underground. Aural dreams of savage beauty and forlorn mysticism await those who are brave enough to listen. Many genres are explored in this eclectic journey to the deepest depths of the human psyche: cinematic, darkwave, ethereal, gothic metal, gothic rock, industrial, neoclassic, neofolk, trip hop, and the occasional works of musical genius that transcend all contrived categories.